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We set out every day to redefine the perception of home care, both for our clients and our carers.

We provide the highest quality home-care in and around Brighton and Hove, delivered with kindness, love and respect.

Our carers are highly-skilled, highly-trained and wholeheartedly look after every person they visit and care for.

Our care and office teams all hail from Brighton, Hove and the surrounds, so they have great knowledge of the local area and they’re never far away when needed. They also all carry the rare ability to be fleet-of-foot, adaptable and manage in the moment – vital qualities for problem solving ever-changing needs and situations.

Nothing phases our carers. They’re trained and experienced to give you the support, help and reassurance you need to relax and get on with an enjoyable life at home.

That’s why we’re known locally as

the purple fleece army!

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Our care quality

We believe that when we give the best care to our teams, they can give the very best care to our clients in return.

We have the highest quality training provision and the most-highly trained carers in Brighton and Hove. This is reflected in our very high ‘carer to client’ ratio, and our very low staff turnover, which means our clients not only get the very best care, they also really get know their carers and true friendships are born.

We’re regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and rated as good, so if you’d like to see how we work and how are business is run in detail, you can download our latest CQC inspection report by clicking the button below.

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Caring day-to-day

On a day-to-day basis our carers visit our clients in the community, providing personal care, support with daily living and companionship visits. Visits are built around your individual wants and needs, so however long you or your loved ones need for each visit, that’s what we do. There’s no ‘thirty minutes; in and out’ – our time is your time.

Our experienced and wonderfully friendly Care Coordination Team communicate with our clients and those acting on their behalf, keeping them informed of which carer will be visiting and when, and answering any requests or questions. Our Care Coordination Team also provide 24-hour on-call support to our carers out in the field, so day or night our office team are there to help make everything run like clockwork and everyone’s lives lovely.

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Consistent care quality

Our Registered Care Manager carries out the initial assessments for each and every new client, and then continually monitors progress and quality of care through regular assessment visits. In these visits, over a cup of tea and a chat, we check that the client’s needs are being met, that they’re happy with the service we’re providing and if there are any changes or adjustments that might be needed to the care plan.

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Training and safe-guarding

Martlets Care is an organisation that puts people first. We recognise that without the best, highly trained and fully motivated staff, we cannot deliver the service that our clients deserve. We attract, train and keep the best carers and all our staff are trained to comply with Care Quality Commission Standards. If they’re without a relevant NVQ qualification, our carers complete a 12-week Care Certificate programme and receive ongoing Martlets Care training. Unlike some other care agencies, our carers are well looked after and are paid when they attend training courses.

Our carers continually receive ongoing training in personal care, medical care, manual handling and aids & adaptations equipment; as well as the latest industry courses and workshops. These are delivered at our very own training facilities, which we also use to train and share our expertise with other care organisations.

All our carers are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked and are fully trained and work shadowed for six weeks before being partnered with their own clients.

We operate to a code of conduct and all our carers receive regular supervision meetings and spot checks from our highly experienced Care Supervisor. This ensures the care we provide consistently meets our expected high standards.

If you’d like to further information about our training, code of conduct, checks or safeguarding, just ask. We’ll be happy to help.

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