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We’re all uniquely different. That’s why our support & care packages are, too.

From managing complex support needs to simple companionship, together we’ll find what’s perfectly right for you. In three easy steps we’ll listen to your needs, build a plan together and arrange the right care for you.

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Step One: Arranging a call

So that we can understand the care and support you need, we’ll have a friendly and detailed chat on the phone.

Our highly experienced Registered Care Manager will call at a pre-arranged time to talk through what you’re looking for, answer any questions you have and give you initial options for the care we can provide.

After our call, we’ll send you our brochure with details of our initial outline plan and proposed costs to think over. This means you’ll have all the details you need to make a confident and informed decision about your care.

When you’re ready to take the next step, we’ll arrange a free, relaxed home care assessment visit with our Registered Manager or Care Supervisor to create your individual care plan.

Step Two: Home assessment visit

The next step is to work together to assess and define all the practical aspects of how we can support you at home.

Our Registered Care Manager or Care Supervisor will arrange to come and see you (and any relatives or representatives who look after your interests) for a relaxed initial home visit over a cuppa.

We’ll talk through the finer details of the care and support we identified in our initial call, and add anything else that presents itself during our visit.

Our whole ethos is based on ‘Your home, your choice, your package.’ We centre everything around your individual needs, comfort and happiness, so we’ll go through things like the times of day (or night) you need our carers to visit, right up to how you like your favourite sandwich.

When you’re happy with everything and you’d like to move forward with us, we’ll talk you through and help you fill-in our Care Contract which takes you on to deciding a start date for your individual Martlets Care plan.

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Step Three: Start your care

The final and most significant step, is to agree your start date and deliver the care plan that we’ve built together.

When we’ve agreed a start date that you’re happy with, we’re all set to deliver your care plan. You’ll receive your own copy of the plan to keep at home which we’ll keep updated with each visit. You’ll always know who your carer or team of carers will be and when they’ll be visiting. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the friendly, punctual knock at the front door.


But things don’t end there with your care plan. We regularly review and continue to tailor your care, as your needs change. We’ll always keep you updated with regular information about your care calls and the carers who visit, using the communication methods you best prefer. Everything we do is tailored to how you want to live your life; to give you independence, to make you feel truly cared for, and to make each day brighter one visit at a time.

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Take the next step forward

If you’d like a copy of our brochure, or you’d like us to take the first step and arrange a call, you can do that simply using the form below. Or you can give us a call on 01273 829943 and we’ll have a warm, friendly chat.

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